About me.

Photography, as a powerful medium
of expression and communications,
offers an infinite variety of perception,
interpretation and execution.

Ansel Adams

I am an enthusiastic amateur photograph, documenting the moments I have captured in this blog.

I was inspired to create this blog after I saw the blog humansofnewyork.com created by Brandon but my photography is inspired by a very important person in my life. He is the reason I started taking photography seriously and he’ll always be my main mentor and critic.

I particularly love Black and White photography with a splash of color as well as Macro photography.

My favorite photographer is Ansel Adams.

Most of the pictures on this blog are clicked with a Galaxy S3, unless otherwise mentioned.

Cheers and Keep Smiling 😀

7 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Elixir, Thank you so much for following BigBodyBeautiful, my new friend. You have quite the lovely blog here yourself. I have always wanted to learn how to be a photographer, but have never found the time to learn. I love what you’re doing. Beautiful work! 🙂

  2. Capturedmemories,

    Thank you for following and commenting on my blog!
    I hope you found some interesting things to read.
    If there is anything else you like or dislike let me know!

    Forever is as far as tomorrow will take us


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